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Dear White Ribbon supporters

Please find a selection of physical White Ribbon resources that you can order to help promote Violence Prevention.

There are also a wide range of online resources that you can download from www.whiteribbon.org.nz and  print out and use including posters and online media resources.


Each year White Ribbon Day falls on 25th November, with communities organising events and activities throughout the month of November, while other activities such as Work Place Accreditation and the Youth Ambassador Leadership Programme (YALP) operate all year round.

Orders are typically processed once a week and then every day from November. If you need resources urgently, please continue with your order and email the White Ribbon team at contact@whiteribbon.org.nz 

Please note there are shipping costs and these include all handling fees. 
Thanks for your support.

The White Ribbon Team


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We welcome your support in this year’s November Campaign as we continue to reduce men’s violence against women by promoting healthy masculinity. There are awesome things about being a boy that we need to celebrate, so we're taking back the phrase 'boys will be boys'. Let's show the limitless possibilities when we break out of the 'man box' and demonstrate healthy masculinity.

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