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Check out these great t-shirts. Purchase via this page and the shirts will be $15 each plus postage. We have a limited number and once the size and style is gone that's it! The sale starts 13th September and runs for six weeks.

Enter this code at the checkout, when you enter your shipping details for your discount: WBYKRXS5M0FQ

You can share this sale with friends https://whiteribbonnz.myshopify.com/discount/T-Shirt%2520Sale?redirect=%2Fcollections%2Fsale-items

Don't miss out. Funds from this sale will be going towards the costs of the November 2021 November Campaign.


We welcome your support in this year’s November Campaign as we continue to reduce men’s violence against women by promoting respectful relationships. This year we want to Challenge the #Unspoken Rules which are the messages given to young boys and men such as Boys Don’t Cry, Be The Man, Toughen Up etc.

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